Solution X 500 Fingerprint Attendance Machine

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Solution X 500 Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Solution X 500

Access control and time & attendance machine Door equipped with a Fingerprint Sensor and RFID Reader for a combination of authentication with ID cards. This machine is designed with cutting edge technology and the most luxurious moment, like the screen Touch Screen TFT LCD 8 Inch Full Color Digital, Camera 1.3 megapixels, T9 Keypad Input, SD-MMC Card 1 GB, the Internal 12V UPS, and accompanied dg features: Flash Video Player , Personal PhotoID, Alarm Function, SMS Message, Scheduled Bell, USB Disk Port, Wiegend Port, Timezone, Workcode, and 8 Function Key. A broad technology support from this machine will answer a variety of companies and factories that require complex solutions, comprehensive and integrated.



X 500 Hardware

With the data detail:

1. Images of Hardware:

2. Brand: Solution

3. Type: X 500

4. Description:

Access Control (AC): 1 Relay Output 12V 2A

AC: 50 Time Zones, 5 10 GroupingCombination, Is Multiusers Enter.

Fingerprint sensors used have been proven and tested very well, can read all types of sidikjari even the hardest though.

Standalone, no need for a computer

User capacity: 3000 Sidikjari, 30000 Cards

Transaction Log capacity: 100,000 Transactions

Types of communication PC: TCP/IP (RJ45), RS232/485, USB Cable, USB Disk

Response time:<= 1="">

Types of Matching: 1:1 and 1: N

The size of the: 252 x 231 x 53 mm

Stardard feature: TFT LCD Full Color 8 Inch (Touch Screen), Camera 1.3 megapixels, SD-MMC Card 1 GB, T9 Keypad Input, Internal 12V UPS, Flash Video Player, Personal PhotoID, RFID Reader, USB Flash Disk, Door controllers, Alarm Function, Scheduled SMS Message, Bell, Timezone, Workcode, 8 Function Keys, etc.

Weigend Port: for connection of additional RFID/Fingerprint.

TFT LCD and speakers for the identification signal

ALREADY INCLUDE SOFTWARE, time & attendance Data can bedrag it to the computer, and then print a variety of reports on the presence, and can also be used for the calculation of payroll reports in accordance with your company.


X 500 + Payroll Software


1. Manage employees (employee Settings)

2. Manage Shift work (Support Multi Shift to the factory)

3. Calculation of the delay, go home quickly, overtime, and the number of hours of work.

4. Facilities noted: pain, permission, and leave, as well as correction transactions abSensi.

5. Period of report can be daily, monthly, detailed forms, reports and rekapituliasi.

6. Salary Calculation and Formulas, and can directly print the Slip employee salaries.

7. Customize Facilities Format reports, Export Data, etc.

8. Monitoring of attendance logs can also be performed in Real Time

9. There is also a Free SDK (Software Development Kit), manual and sample source code for further application development.




Whats The Benefit?

This fingerprint system advantages:

TFT LCD Full Color 8 Inch (Touch Screen), with luxurious features make the process of course so much fun because it can display a Photo of each Employee during Absences, TFT LCD Touch Screen Tech is also so navigation simply with the touch of a finger on the screen.

Camera 1.3 megapixels, with these fancy features can mencapture Photo automatically every attendance is done, berfungsi to avoid cheating even for absences absences with RFID cards though.

SD-MMC Card 1 GB, the machine has been equipped with an internal memory to store all your photos, photo capture, results and other data without the need for External Flash Disk.

Internal 12V UPS, no need for External UPS because this machine has been equipped with Internal UPS for handling big power outages.

Flash Video Player can play videos, play Flash on standby time.You can utilize this feature for video company profile, product promotion or other information.

RFID Proximity Card Reader, so that it could open the door to pake cards, while attendance in using fingerprints or other combinations

USB Flash Disk, this feature will be very helpful if it is installed in a place that does not have a computer

Alarm Function, can detect if the door is not tightly closed, opened, failed to login multiple times, etc.

ScheduleBell, this feature can set the alarm bell on waktu2x, e.g. hours entry/home working, istrirahat/lunch, etc.

T9 Input, this feature can directly write the name of the employee from the engine

SMS Message, this feature makes the machine became interakti, the admin can send private messages upon employees of the present and doing attendance attendance dimesin then the LCD display will be performing a special message. eg: Please hrd into the room after lunch, or a private message important


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