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Solution Electrick Lock Drop Bolt Series-White
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Sell Solution Electrick Lock Drop Bolt Series-White

Specification of Solution Electrick Lock Drop Bolt Series-White

Electric Key Product Details
Fail safe: If the power Key is missing
Bolt: (0.62 in) 16 mm DIA, steel 13 mm
steel (0.51 in) throws
Voltage: 12VDC
Start now: 960mA
Standby Current: 180mA
Features: Fail safe
OTO Time Delay: 0.3 9sec, .6

The DP102 Vsionis-FSE-LED is usually an open bolt key quality decline that provides 2200lbs reinforcement with LED and delay time. The decline of the bolt is locked, memprovide the necessary protection to secure the door. Depending on how you want the key installed, you will be able to give a "hidden" appearance, similar to the sliding lock. When drop bolt given strength, bolt extends and locks up. It firmly secures the door as long as it has power going to it. With the time delay feature, you can set the delay you are either 0, 3, 6, or 9 seconds. This decrease in particular bolts fail safe; that means that in cash

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