C4 Solution

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of C4 Solution

C4 Solution

Fingerprint Access Control

Access Control Machine Multi Door with advanced features, support for up to four doors, the engine has the capability to communicate between doors with system Interlock Function, the machine is equipped with the RFID best in its class, TCP / IP port for network communications, SDCard slot for downloading data with SDCard, Alarm function for detecting if the door is not closed or opened by force, Timezone Clock Support for setting user access and other advanced features, Suitable for Companies and Factories that require access control at high speed and maximum kemampunan.


C4 Hardware

With detailed data:

Figure 1. Hardware:

2. Brand: Solution

3. Type: C4

4. Description:

Access Control (AC): 4 Relay Output 12V 2A

Amenities AC: 50 Time Zones, 5 Grouping, 10 Combination.

Standalone, does not require a computer

User Capacity: 30.000 RFID Card

Log transaction capacity: 100,000 Transactions

PC Communication Type: TCP / IP (RJ45), RS232 / 485, SDCard Slot

Response time: <= 1 second

Stardard Features: Interlock Function, Alarm Function, Timezone Support, etc.

Weigend Port: for connection Fingerprint / RFID.

LED and Speaker for the identification signal

Installation Diagram:

Whats Benefit?

Excess An access control system:

Interlock Function, for integration between the doors, for example, one door opens, another door will be closed, or only open the door if the other door has been closed, or after the doors first opened the door 2 open, 3 and 4 closed doors, or other conditions.

Alarm Function, able to detecting unclosed door, opened by force, failed to log in several times, etc.

Timezone Support, Access Control Door Timezone (Doors can be accessed by certain employees and at certain times as well)

SDCard Slot, to perform backup / restore data or download / upload data by using the SDcard

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