Panasonic 19 Inch Rack Plate It-A437x-Black
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03 Jul 2016
1 unit
IDR 600.000

Specification of

Product Details
1 main Unit Panasonic IT-A437X
1 Card LCOT6 (6 Analog Port CO Trunk with Caller ID)
1 Card MCSLC16 (16 Port Single Line phone with Caller ID)
2 Port Digital phone (DLC2) + 2 D-XDP
2 Ch DISA or Simple VM (ESVM2)
2 internal Ch BGM (WAV files can be stored)

EXPANSION CARD for card expansion Port 3 CABINETS for NS500 for anything to do with IT-A437X master card 3 port for expanción (EXP.-M).

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